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Fire. So enchanting, so inviting, so mysterious. There's no wonder we are all drawn to it as we ponder our fortunes.

Fire Pit and Table

One of man’s first discoveries, fire provides us with a way to cook, keep warm and is a lighting source. For centuries, families gathered around the fire for support, camaraderie and comfort. At Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping we offer the opportunity to enjoy outdoor an outdoor fire, with the convenience of a modern fire pit.

Our fire pits are available in several styles, sizes and heights. There's conversation height (23”), dining height (27.5”) and bar height (40”). A couple of lounge chairs make for an intimate setting, or you may want to combine the dining or bar height fire pits with seating for up to eight people. Designed to burn propane, our fire pits may also be converted to natural gas and lava rocks are included. A great selection of beautiful fire pit tops allow for a custom look that complements your decor.

Of course, there are the must-have accessories - lids, glass wind screens, Lazy Susans, beautiful colored gems, and fire log sets to mention a few.
Many propane fire pits can do double duty as a table, with a Lazy Susan in place when not burning the fire pit. Versatility, function and style - always a winning combination!
Let us show you our 'fiery' side here at Custom Outdoor Furniture!
We'll help you in your selection of just the right unit for your home and budget! Stop in to Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping and see why we have been helping people enjoy the great outdoors since 1979.
Live Great. Outdoors. #livegreatoutdoors

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