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Umbrellas come in many different styles, such as standard, market, beach and cantilever, and are made of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum and wood, with the finest outdoor fabric available. Custom Outdoor Furniture &Restrapping offers a great selection of umbrellas from the top manufacturers in the USA. Options for opening & closing the umbrellas include crank, rope & pulley, and push-up. A tilt feature is an option as well. All of these factors plus your fabric selection help us to determine your perfect umbrella cost.

A number of sizes are available, including 6’, 7’, 9’, and 11’, in square and octagonal. Rectangle 8' x 10' umbrellas also available.

We have found the most popular umbrellas to be:

  • 7.5’ Wooden Market Umbrella with Pulley and No Tilt
  • 9’ Wooden Market Umbrella with Pulley and No Tilt
  • 7.5’ AluminumPole Standard Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs, Pop-up and No Tilt
  • 7.5’ Aluminum Pole Market Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs, Crank and No Tilt

The fabric selections are quite varied as well. Each manufacturer has their own fabrics to choose from and we can help guide you through the process of making your selection. This will determine the pricing for your umbrella.

Call us for a quote on any size or style of umbrella. 843.651.9633 

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