Commercial Maintenance Program

Getting back to our original roots and to better serve you and your business, Custom Outdoor Furniture has created a worry and cost-free maintenance program designed to save you time and energy.

Once enrolled, we will:

  • come to your property in September and inspect your furniture
  • advise of repairs and maintenance we feel should be performed and
  • provide a quote for those repairs.

Once we receive your approval to proceed with the repairs, we will pick up the furniture, make the repairs and return to you well before the next season begins.

The benefits to you?

  • No need to put away and store furniture that needs repair
  • One less detail to think about
  • Confidence in knowing you are ready to go for the next season
  • No additional charge beyond the repair costs

The benefits to us?

  • The opportunity to provide value-added service
  • The ability to manage our repair operation and human resources more effectively during the off-season.
Contact us today to learn more and enroll.
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