Family Owned & Operated

Outside the Ordinary Since 1979

Our long-standing family business is the legacy of the late Carrol Holshouser. In 1979, this savvy entrepreneur saw hotel and resort owners throwing out aluminum furniture on the streets of Myrtle Beach when the straps became damaged or broken. Carrol realized the aluminum frames were still in good shape; so, he picked them up and figured out a way to repair (or “restrap”) them. From there, the idea of “Furniture Restrapping” was born. Carrol and his wife, Jane, put the business into action out of their garage-turned-workshop.


Women Owned & Operated

Since then, Furniture Restrapping has undergone a transformation of its own. Now known as Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping, this family-owned business is into its third generation of ownership — a rare feat here in the twenty-first century. And, the business is officially certified  as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council —  one on a very short list of women-owned operations in the outdoor furniture industry.


Decades of Service + Skill

Thanks to our roots, much of our business still comes from commercial work for resorts/hotels, restaurants, and HOAs — a surprising fact within the world of outdoor furniture. Since opening our showroom doors in 1999, the residential outdoor furniture side of our business has evolved. Ours is a unique, full-service operation with a 15,000-square foot showroom, warehouse & workshop. Now, we offer both commercial and residential customers a wide variety of elegant, high-quality outdoor furniture made by many well-known, respected manufacturers in the industry — and primarily made right here in the United States.


The Legacy Lives On

We are proud that Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping has grown into a one-stop-shop for your outdoor furniture needs, whether commercial or residential. It’s always been our goal that our customers feel as if they are visiting with friends and family when stepping into our store. We have a friendly, professional sales staff and customer service is of utmost importance to our family. We stand behind everything we sell — and with our beautiful, stylish and built-to-last products, we have to admit: “Daddy Carroll” would be proud.

Remembering Our Founders

Daddy Carrol

Carrol "Daddy Carrol" Holshouser

Without our father, Carrol Holshouser, there would be no Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping. Daddy Carrol passed away at the same time Hurricane Matthew hit the Grand Strand. A force of nature hit our area, a force of life left our home. He passed onto us his passion for life, a strong work ethic, and his drive to keep people satisfied. We’ve never had a customer, but we have plenty of friends that have chosen to do business with us.

Mama Jane

Jane “Mama Jane” Holshouser

After receiving her B.S. in business administration from the University of South Carolina, Jane taught at USC Lancaster while earning her master’s degree in business education from Winthrop University. After twenty years of teaching, she and her husband, Carrol, established Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping. Since the store’s inception, Mama Jane demonstrated gracious hospitality and selfless leadership to everyone she came into contact with.

In 2021, Mama Jane departed this earth and reunited with her husband in heaven. She taught us how to be a fearless woman in business and how to be loyal to those you love most — and for that, we’re endlessly grateful.

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