Types of Furniture

To help you with your decisions on what type of furniture is best for you, we’ve compiled some general information. When you go shopping, we want you to be prepared rather than overwhelmed.


Most of the metal furniture we sell is made from aluminum. We do not use steel or iron as they tend to rust very quickly in our moist, salty climate. There are two types of aluminum used for outdoor furniture:

Extruded Aluminum: This is furniture that is made with aluminum tubing . It can be round, flat, oval and it is hollow inside. The best extruded aluminum furniture has reinforcement inside the tubing for extra strength. There are different gauges of aluminum and that is a factor in pricing.

The more detailed features of the aluminum also affect the pricing.

Cast Aluminum: Cast aluminum is made of liquid aluminum that is literally poured into a mold and cooled until it’s hardened. The mold determines the shape & features of the aluminum.

You can get more detail in the shaping of cast aluminum than you can in extruded aluminum, but cast aluminum is more prone to break than extruded aluminum. It is often a little heavier as well.

Most of our manufacturers use a powder-coating system to apply color to the aluminum. Some companies use baked on enamel for finishes. We prefer the powder-coating system because we feel the process produces a better, longer-lasting finish.


This material has rapidly become very popular in outdoor furniture construction. It is very durable and mostly maintenance free. Most of the polylumber used in the furniture we sell is made from recycled milk containers. The furniture itself is recyclable, so it is an environmentaly friendly 360 degree product.

Two of our suppliers offer a written lifetime residential warranty on their polylumber: Breezesta and Pawleys Island Furniture. You just can’t beat that!


As you know, there are many types of wood used in the manufacture of furniture. Each type of wood has its own unique properties. Generally speaking, all wood furniture used in outdoor applications has a tendency to weather quickly, some faster than others. And to keep wood looking new, there is always maintenance involved. At Custom Outdoor Furniture, we carry a limited supply of wood furniture as most of our customers prefer the ease of care of our other types of furniture.


There are two types of wicker furniture available: natural wicker and synthetic wicker. Natural wicker is best used indoors as it is subject to deteriorate in outdoor applications. We carry only woven resin wicker with aluminum frames. It’s the best choice for outdoor use. It’s amazing how real & natural looking the new resin wicker looks and feels. The types of weaves used in resin wicker offers a huge variety of style and fashion.

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